Jersey No. 13

Position: CDM

Name: Kevin Juma

Team: Nzoiasugarfc

Juma is one of the outstanding Nzoia Sugar Fc CDM since joining the team.

He has the best defensive skills, can pass crisply and accurately because he acts as a bridge between the defence and the midfield.

In some scenarios, he can reorganise the team by passing the ball back to the defence or pass the ball into space for the forwards to run into and collect the ball to launch an attack.

Juma has an eagle’s eye and can launch an attack by creating good passes into the final third from the middle third of the pitch. Such passes can split into build up, progression and creation of an attack.

Juma creates the team’s balance by being in the correct place, at the right time, at the right moment to touch the ball either tackling the opponent or creating a build up.

He is a resourceful player with leadership skills, can read the game and snuff out any attacks from the opponent’s.

Juma has best dribbling skills,ball control, self confidence and always on the move and can score when he wants .

He is such a utility player.

Kiungo cha kati, mwenye bidii ya mchwa.

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