Name: Carol Akisa

Role: Team Physio

Club: Nzoiasugarfc

Jersey I’d: CK

Carol is a sport’s medicine specialist who serves Nzoia Sugar FC Official as the first team doctor.

She joined our team in 2021 after Amir Jnr left the millers side. The two medical experts still work hand in hand to ensure the proper assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions related to players and implement an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation strategies.

She too manages the pre-training of players by strapping,taping and administration of treatment as required. In addition to that, she can identify a player’s injury and devise a programme to improve the movement and function of the injured area. She also provides advice to the players on how to avoid injuries during time of play in training and actual game.

Carol is also tasked in attending to the player when they have a mishap during the game.

She is a dedicated physio despite her gender and she has been branded as a ‘Nzoia Sugar FC Eva Carneiro’.

The team has embraced the one-third gender rule of incorporating more women in key areas within the team.

Mwenye matibabu halisi kwa wachezaji wetu

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